Samhain and Self Discovery – Cultivating My Magick

2 thoughts on “Samhain and Self Discovery – Cultivating My Magick”

  1. Your insight is sharp and concise. I wish I had kept up my practice and skills in this area like they were a few years ago. No excuse (I don’t believe in them), but working in difficult schools with difficult students has forced me to change my approach to the world somewhat or get swamped in it… Eh, I should do better.

    As for recommendations! I already recommended “The Earth Path” by Starhawk, though it’s not an introductory book at all. I also like “Natural Witchcraft” by Marian Green. Then there’s “Wiccan Warrior” by Kerr Cuhulain. All three of them are more on the philosophy/spiritual side, but also very grounded in reality… Which is probably a very necessary thing in today’s world.

    Good luck, man! Be patient with yourself, too. Our lives have their own seasons of calm and activity. It’s usually best if we flow with them.


  2. Thanks Dayan! I think patience with myself is one of the areas I need to cultivate the most. Great suggestions on books, looks like Marian Green’s is out of print, so I’ll get to go on a quest for it!


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