Shrinking Back from the Challenge of Community, Before Rooting In

3 thoughts on “Shrinking Back from the Challenge of Community, Before Rooting In”

  1. Yep! Sort of coming to that realization now. I just need to find a way to “deal” with group craziness without exposing my entire soul to fray and rip in the benevolent chaos. That John Beckett is touching more minds than he realizes.


  2. This gave me chills.

    I have worked with Hecate in the past and I can see her lessons veiled in your words here. She walks a lonely path. Guided only by her intuition and torch.

    I have always seen her lessons like a whet stone, honing the mind, heart and soul for what is to come. The question is, has the time come to use the sharpened tool or does it need more time against the stone?

    There are many things to be found along the hedge, and many a time, it is unseen. But that is where beauty can be found, in the mystery. Not all flowers bloom in full sunlight.

    Instead of focusing on the full sunlight, and bustle of activity with the birds and the bees in the center, perhaps use your natural tendencies to hedge walk, and see what you find. You won’t be alone there, you’ll find. You’re not the only one overwhelmed by the noise and craving calmer breezes. You’re the honed tool with abilities to help guide others into niches they can be most comfortable with. You’re the quiet voice that can whisper compassion and reason from the hedge. That is quite a powerful role you have, my friend.

    While some can roost in the chatter, you can create a nest in something else. What that may be, that is for you, a strong introvert, to decide. They are not opposite but complementary aspects of a whole.

    Hecate is indeed calling. Calling you to share your wisdom and humming softly, “Do your best.”


    1. Thank you for your insightful and encouraging words, Sarah. Hecate’s path is a new and unexpected one for me, though I guess I could say that all the signs have been there all along. I hope to make use of the Goddess’s torch and do better than my (current) best, reaching beyond what I thought previously possible.


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