Some thoughts on developing a local practice

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on developing a local practice”

  1. I admit, I’m less than connected to the seasonal changes, but maybe because they seem so slight… To me, there is no real change of a deep and profound spiritual change as might be argued for the seasonal changes further north where our traditions were born.

    There is, however, a measurable impact in the solstices and equinoxes and I think that’s partly why a lot of pagans I know in the area feel them more keenly. No matter where you are in the world, even if it is the hemispherical opposite, you will still be impacted by these astronomical alignments of Sun and Earth.

    I also think the moon is important, and I’ve been thinking a lot about Her lately. While the months might be choppy ordeals with little correspondence to the natural world–at least not in the planetary aspect we’d like to imagine–the moons are constant and regular. I see why folks before Rome used THAT as a marker of days.

    So, all of that speaks to me. I find that the contradiction isn’t just for us subtropical Floridians, but also anyone who lives in big cities, busy as hell, and cut off enough from the natural world. The traditions break down, though they align us to something else, perhaps an ideal, that is quickly vanishing.

    And that’s without considering the changing climate!

    Sorry I couldn’t offer more of a concrete answer.


  2. Love this blog. As an Orlando-based practitioner, honoring the Wheel how I was taught by friends in WNC is just about impossible. I think learning to work with the spirits of this land will be invaluable to the present mess that is Florida culture.


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